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is the only boutique hotel within the city of Puerto Princesa to focus its service within the strict standards of SAFETY, CLEANLINESS,  COMFORT and PRACTICAL ECONOMY. This is the flagship site of Big Brother Hotel world wide web network and the golden affiliate of the Tourist Brand of Gruppo Carlos International Corporation. It started recently in 2010 along Manalo Street with 2 rooms and by middle year 2011 it became 12 rooms and in late 2012 has 16 well appointed rooms and brand new condo units.It has a swimming pool with jacuzzi-inspired section and a color-changing underwater light. It is accredited by the Philippine Department of Tourism and licensed by the Puerto Princesa City Tourism Office.



Popularly known as Big Brother Hotel, it is located in the middle of the hotels, inns and pensione houses district known as Manalo Street within the city.   Although It is within a walking- distance and less-than-a-minute drive to many tourist-oriented restaurants and shops, Big Brother hotel  is  still within a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. It is only four to seven minutes and one corner away from the airport.  The front desk is manned twenty four hours for your needs and there are CCTV cameras for added security.  In each room is provided an electronic safe for your valuables. Bedroom doors have additional chain locks.  There are independently powered fire-smoke alarms in each room plus a break-in alarm device on bedroom fire exits.Upon request guest names are kept confidential. For your business and other needs in the city, free legal consultation is provided, on appointment, by the in-house attorney.



The rooms are routinely cleaned,  disinfected and ionized (when needed) each time a guest checks-out.   Attention to hygiene is not missed by the management such that it is the only hotel chain in Puerto Princesa known to have toilet bidet as standard fixture in all bathrooms.   To ensure clean air, bathrooms are equipped with automatic air exhaust system. Only white linens are used to ensure cleanliness.  



Comfort comes in many features of the  guest rooms.WIFI and purified water is free.  In addition to the safety features, the room normally has two twin hypoallergenic beds five inches thick which ensures a couple wide bed space together or alone in any of the two big beds.   The individual airconditioning system is treated with anti-bacterial filters to ensure clean room air.  For added comfort, air ionizers are available for use.   Individually controlled hot and cold shower phones are installed together with personal essentials in bathrooms.   Cable TV broadcast comes through remote controlled big-screened televisions.  A poolside room has a kitchenette equipped with modern fire-less induction cooker, electric kettle, automatic rice cooker, refrigerator, microwave oven, cooking and dining utensils. The poolside room is large enough to sleep four people even six people in larger rooms. 

When you click on the Rooms icon and read our room rate per day and see that when you can make a confirmed advance booking, you could stay in promo room with all those amenities for as low as Php 999  ( about 25 US$ only)  for a maximum of two people in a room, then there is no need to explain the practical economy in all the luxury you find in our rooms.  



FROM AIRPORT TO HOUSE OF BIG BROTHER Manalo Extension, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan